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It’s not always easy for everyone to make it to a lab for a sample — especially for the elderly. At 1st Choice Phlebotomy, we bring a professional lab collection to you, at your home, at a time that is most convenient for you. Whether you’re a doctor or nurse looking to refer your patient, or simply someone who doesn’t have the time to visit a lab — our service is designed to provide you with a streamlined, hassle-free experience.

There are certain circumstances that make a lab collection service difficult — and we make it easy no matter your circumstance. Don’t take it from us: read some of the stories from your neighbors in Phoenix and Seattle on how much easier it is to use 1st Choice Phlebotomy!

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We Work With Most Insurance Companies!

1st Choice works with most insurance companies so you don't have to pay out of pocket. All insurance plans are different and coverages vary. If you're wondering if your benefits will cover our service, you must call your insurance to verify. We bill insurances as a courtesy — and there is no guarantee of coverage.


"My mother, who lives with me, has had several strokes and it is a challenge to get her to a lab for a fasting blood draw. Her insurance covers the visit and it is very convenient and easy to schedule. They have been able to arrive as early as 6am! I let them in, my mother doesn't even have to get out of bed - they greet her, draw her blood and leave. She goes back to sleep. How easy is that?"


"Great customer service, gentle bliss pulls in your own home. Great for kids - Richard was very kind and attentive with my son. Much better experience than at lab corp or other big busy places who likely use newer phlebotomists."
y Review by Amy G Phoenix, AZ


"How convenient! I dread getting fasting labs done because of not being able to have my morning coffee until after getting blood drawn. Richard came to our RV in Goodyear (we are just visiting the area) at 6:45 am, drew our blood and five minutes later, COFFEE!"
y Review by Maryjo S Phoenix, AZ

About Our Service

We provide all types of lab collection services — and we come to you. Our services are 100% mobile and available for residents all across the Phoenix Metro Area. Also, in the past few years, we provide collection service in the Seattle Tacoma Area. Interested in learning why you should use 1st Choice? Here's why: 

Mobile & Hassle-Free Service: Our mobile lab collection service is flexible and convenient. We are proud to provide care that respects our client's time and personal needs. We use cutting-edge modern technology and tools to bring the tradition of home visits into the 21st century.

We Work With Most Insurance Companies: We accept most insurance companies, so in the majority of cases, you don’t have to pay out of pocket. With 1st Choice Phlebotomy, you receive an in-home lab service with the same processes and certified phlebotomists — without having to pay anything extra.

Professional Process (Same As A Lab): Medical laboratory testing is often the most crucial factor in receiving a timely diagnosis and treatment plan. We facilitate that treatment by offering lab collection services that are quick, convenient, and professional. Submit your order for service the next day! We also provide STAT services because we prioritize your timely treatment.

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"We are having to get a lot more blood draws for our 9 year old daughter with autism and the first set of 28 vials although traumatic went wonderfully. The tech was fantastic. Today we had to get 5 more vials and not only was the tech wonderful but our daughter was more relaxed being in our own home again. Thank you."

Our Story — A Note From Our Owner, Natalie Britt

I started 1st Choice Phlebotomy in 2003 after working at a hospital. A number of patients who came in for lab collection had tremendous difficulty once they were discharged. For some patients, they are too sick or immobile, making it difficult to go to a lab. 1st Choice Phlebotomy was started to help solve this problem — to serve those who need an in-home lab collection service.

We're a small, family-run business. Each of our certified technicians has 10+ years of experience, making sure your service is smooth and stress-free. With the latest technology, easy scheduling, and the same professional standard as a medical laboratory, you get all the benefits of a phlebotomy without having to leave your home. And that's why we’re still serving our very first client from over 15 years ago! You can read more of our customer stories on our verified reviews page.

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"I needed to get labs but I'm so busy and when I tried to book at Sonora or Labcorp for an appointment on a Saturday when I can do them, all booked up. This company came out the same day on a Sunday and got my labs! It was great! I'll use them again!"

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